Technology connects us to the world, increases our productivity, and allows amazing things to happen - until it breaks.  "Bad day" can be defined as the day this happens. Tech 911 understands the stress involved with these trying times when that day happens to you.

Your busy day doesn't have to grind to a halt just because your computer did!

Having to schedule a trip to the repair shop and wait while they assess and attempt to repair your equipment can be time consuming enough. If they cannot repair it right away, you are forced to leave it and make another trip back when it's done. Haven't you spent enough time on this already?

Tech 911 helps to simplify the process of the inevitable repair and removes some of the stress from the entire process.

We come to you, on your time.  Busy schedule at work?  Bring the machine with you and we will pick it up!  Our rolling tech shop can do many repairs on site, but for those repairs that can't be completed, we will return the machine to your location, at your convenience.

Fixing a Computer