• Donald Hoskins

Into the Terror - A Post Windows 7 World

In January, 2020, Microsoft finally ended support to the general user base for its Windows 7 operating system. No longer will most users who have Windows 7 receive security updates or fixes to issues. Device manufacturers will no longer issue updates for their drivers on Windows 7. In short, it's very bad to continue using Windows 7.

Now, we went through this last time, with Windows XP. Breath deep, and remember you can adjust to anything (look at the Metro UI).

Should you continue to use Windows 7? In almost every case, the answer is a resounding "NO". If you are a business who requires that specific piece of software in order to continue existing, we can probably help. If you are a user who has ignored the warnings, it isn't to late to upgrade. In either case, action is required - even if it's just unplugging that Windows 7 machine from your network until you figure out what to do next.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to Enterprise-level companies who have professional IT staff and an upgrade plan. Although paying for the licenses to continue getting security updates after more than a few years warning makes me question their long term planning.

If you still have Windows 7, call us to find out your options and actual risks involved in your unique situation!

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