Computer Repairs

"Computer repair" is a term that covers a very large scope.  Knowing what is actually wrong with your system gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.


At the core, Tech 911 repair services will always include the following:

  • Diagnosis of the issue and determining whether the issue is hardware or software related.

  • Determining best course of action to correct the issue

We work with you to figure out what is in your best interest.  Upselling a customer with unneeded hardware or software when it isn't needed goes against what we believe or practice.

Virus Removal

A virus infection is more than just something that makes you feel bad!  Viruses, malware, "potentially unwanted applications" are buzz-words, but the end result can be catastrophic.

Your computer acts as a communications hub, memory library, and productivity base.  Items that compromise or destroy your system can have huge impacts, from personal information, family video/photos, or customer data.  Worse, many infections put not just your information as risk, but any computer or account connected to it.

Retail Sales

Technology is always evolving.  The choices available and the number of places these items can be gotten from are immense.  But, are they right for you?  Big-box stores tend to push computers and peripherals that, while excellent, far exceed what a person actually need - with the cost associated with it.

Tech 911 will work with you on your needs and with those in mind, help you decide what is best for your requirements.

We use Spinrite by Gibson Research Corporation on every storage drive we obtain prior to selling it.  Find out more about this process here.

Information Security

Cybercrime is real and is an opportunity-based phenomena.  Internet of Things (IoT) devices, poorly secured systems, and failure to do timely updates will leave you vulnerable to attack - the only question is when.  "Security through Obscurity" doesn't work! 

Don't wait to be a victim - let us help secure your technology environment today!


WiFi, SOHO, WAN, LAN, VPN, Cat5e?


Ironically, communication between technology devices carries its own language and terminology.  Many technology manufacturing recognize this, and actually design many of their products to be as simple as possible to setup and use.

Of course, ease of use doesn't mean "best practices" or "safe"

Don't wait to be a victim - let us help secure your technology environment today!

Warranty Repairs

Warranties can be difficult and frustrating, even while offering you a boon.

Tech 911 offers a simple and straightforward warranty policy.

  • Complete systems sold by Tech 911 carry a 90 day system guarantee for non-user caused failures.  This includes labor costs.


After 90 days, individual items on a system are subject to the manufacturer warranty, where available.  Most computer items have manufacturer warranties that exceed our 90 day warranty.  As the consumer, we will give you information available on how you can redeem these warranties from the manufacturer yourself, or can assist you with the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process.

Please note: 

Assistance with warranty returns to the manufacturer outside of our 90 day in-house warranty only covers the physical item.  Additional service costs may apply. 

Example: Warranty return on a hard drive that fails outside Tech 911's warranty window but within the manufacturer's warranty period may require additional labor charges if you wish Tech 911 to reinstall an operating system or other software.

Data Recovery

Data is critical, whether it is photos of your children, the thesis in process, or business records.

Keeping your data safe should be the first thought on your mind, but if the unthinkable happens, you need to try and get that data back.

We will work with you on trying to recover your data.  While no one can (or should) guarantee they will be successful, we make every reasonable attempt.

One of the tools we use for this is SpinRite.  Find out more about this software here