Media System

Streaming or Creating, media is the future. Higher resolution requires more processing power. Editing of higher resolution requires even more processing power. We will build you a media crunching machine powerful enough to process 8K UHD resolution.

Business System

Your business need technology. With the best technology comes the best security and efficiency. Don't loose money from a slow, outdated system. Let us build your custom business management system that will keep your business flowing smoothly.

Gaming System

2022 has an amazing lineup of games. With many manufactures offering cross platform play, is your platform ready for 2022? We will build you the best gaming rig to ensure best quality picture and responsive controls. Want to go all out? Water cooling, advanced heat pipe technology, dual vidio cards, RAID system... you got it.

Education System

Remote learning is everywhere. Weather you are in college or your kids are in elementary school: dependable computers for education are a must. Don't let your old equipment interrupt your learning. We will build you an A+, cost effective, dependable machine to ensure your research papers and video learning are reliably available.

Home Network

Wireless networking, smart home connectivity, and consulting for future builds as well as conversions.

Component Upgrade

Need a larger hard drive or solid state? Looking for better video output or more RAM? We will either sell you the parts you need, or full service diagnose and installation.