Hardware Service

Pet fur, clothing lint, hair? Computers do not like any of these things. If you can find it in your vacuum cleaner, you can find it in your electronics. Buildup of crud on circuits and in cooling units can cause failure to expensive parts. Using our ultramodern cleaning techniques, we will remove years of buildup and have your equipment running as efficiently as possible

Software Service

Error message, blue screen forced reboot, crashing app? These could be linked to corrupted software or worse: a virus. We will meticulously search and clean out your file system to fix whatever software issues you may be having. Full system wipe may be the only answer; securely saving your personal data our top priority.


Cannot connect, dropped connection, slow connection? We have full service networking solutions for you. Weather its your portable device or your hardwired home network. We will troubleshoot and diagnose to get your data flowing.